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Are you having a dental emergency? Are you in pain? Atkins & Anderson, D.D.S. can help!

For a lot of people, the term “dental emergency” is relative. However, a true dental emergency is characterized by either pain, swelling, trauma, or some event that prevents your ability to function where you cannot eat or speak.








Pain can come from a large cavity, trauma to your teeth or gums, or an exposed tooth structure due to fracture or dislodged filling or crown.




Swelling is typically associated with an infection of the teeth or gum areas. If left untreated, this can be a life-threatening situation. If you have swelling that affects your breathing, call 911 immediately.



Trauma can come in all different shapes and sizes, but typically involves an event where teeth break, are dislodged, or facial trauma like lacerations or bruises. In all trauma events, we advise coming in to evaluate the area.

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How Can Atkins & Anderson D.D.S. Help?

With any dental emergency, we perform a limited exam and take any necessary x-rays of the affected area. Many times, patients are not able to identify the specific tooth or area causing the problem, as teeth can have referred pain, so we perform an exam to make sure we correctly identify the issue.

Depending on what the cause of the problem is, we will perform the necessary treatment. Some of the treatments that are associated with emergencies are an extraction, root canal, occlusion adjustments, large fillings, denture repair (in the case where a fractured denture causes pain or inhibits you from eating), a prescription for antibiotics, or a referral to a specialist if the treatment needed is extensive.


How Do I Know If This Is A Dental Emergency?

When deciding whether you have a dental emergency or not, know that you can call our office ((979) 846-1813) and we can help you figure everything out. We will try to get you evaluated as quickly as possible.

If our office is not open, ask yourself, “Am I in pain? Do I have swelling? Was there trauma? Do I have difficulty speaking or eating?” If yes, please feel free to call our emergency numbers listed on the office voicemail. If the answer is no, it is typically OK to wait until normal office hours.

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