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Many people believe that tooth sensitivity is an unavoidable and untreatable genetic problem. However, you can take steps today to protect your teeth and find relief from tooth sensitivity. Make an appointment today at Atkins and Anderson, DDS if you have sensitive teeth and want to discover what the underlying issue is.
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The lingering pain from a tight jaw often causes discomfort in other parts of your body like your head, neck, ears, teeth, or face. The pain may also oscillate between throbbing, aching, or severe. Typically, a tight jaw is a culprit of a jaw joint that suddenly locks, clicking noises in your jaw, or a limited range of motion when you try to open your mouth. Tightness in your jaw is not something you should ignore. In many cases, there are at-home remedies to reduce the pain and preventative mea...
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Sports are back! We know after the long hiatus due to COVID-19, your kids are glad to be playing again. However, it’s important to take precautions to avoid unnecessary injuries. Various reports note that sports-related injuries account for nearly 36% of unintentional injuries to children and teenagers. The American Dental Association (ADA) states that of those injuries, 10-20% are facial trauma. Dental injuries are the most common type of facial trauma—and the most preventable—according to T...
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Successful athletes have discipline, drive, and determination that propels them toward the top. Whether you’re a professional athlete or your child is just starting to play on a little league team, it’s important to be disciplined in oral hygiene and determined to do whatever it takes to keep your mouth healthy. Here are three ways athletes can take care of their teeth.
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Mouthguards are an essential part of your uniform if you play contact sports such as football, basketball, lacrosse, or boxing. When you participate in these activities, your front teeth are at risk of breaking or getting knocked out. The soft tissue in your gums, lips, cheeks, and tongue are also at risk of injury if a mouthguard is not worn. They are also necessary if you grind your teeth while sleeping. In fact, nearly 20% of adults and one-third of children in America have bruxism—a conditi...
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